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6 April 2017  Synthesis Session on Partnerships and Collaboration with Jelenko Dragasic and Pauline Peel

6 April 2017  Lunchbox Learning with Penny Gordon: the capacities and capabilities essential to collaboration

24 February Under 1 Roof New Year Gathering
10 February Increasing your intentionality as supervisors
23 February The difference with dialogue
7 March Care coordination: practice and process – Nambour
23 March Aged care and homelessness: finding the path to support
31 March Effectively navigating complexity
6 April Collaborative practices day
5 May Facilitation skills in care coordination
10 May

15 June

Become a safety champion: effective responses to domestic violence
15 May Trauma informed care and practice – Nambour
18 May Collaborative practices day – Mackay
25 May Memorable meals: new ways to food security
8 June

22 June

Creating inclusive services: increasing access and building rapport with LGBTI people
29 June Share housing incubator
28 March Care coordination: practice and process – Cairns
12 June Cairns Practices day – register for all three sessions here
12 June Making the most of supervision – Cairns
12 June Increasing our intentionality as supervisors – Cairns
12 June Effectively navigating complexity – Cairns
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New partnership with Q Shelter

Under 1 Roof has been offering learning and development events since 2010 and  Q Shelter plays an important state-wide capacity building role in the community housing and homelessness sectors.  In recognition of a shared interest in supporting sector development through learning, Q Shelter and Under 1 Roof are working together to provide and promote events to a broader audience.  The following events are coming between September and November: U1R E-news.  You can visit Q Shelter’s website here.  See the new calendar showcasing various events which are coming up.

Synthesis Series

The Synthesis Series are reflective practice sessions engaging practitioners from all sectors.  The series facilitates dialogue on questions and conundrums embedded within policies, practices and service delivery aimed at ending homelessness. The topics are drawn from U1R’s own work to pilot multiagency case coordination.  These discussions will debate important and sometimes complex issues that characterise responses to homelessness.  The theme of synthesis highlights the challenge of transforming seemingly competing issues into new ways of doing things that get results.

Previous topics have included:

  • The housing offer
  • Measuring integration and collaboration
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Privacy and coordination: a synthesis
  • Assertive outreach and support versus self determination: challenging the practice of doing nothing
  • Hope on the horizon: imagining a different tomorrow
  • The psychology of collaboration: have we got what it takes?
  • Does place matter?
  • Peer leadership models
  • Under 1 Roof: a case study in service integration
  • Sustaining tenancies
  • The practice of informed consent
  • Visioning the future.

Under 1 Roof Training Series

Under 1 Roof is developing opportunities for more in-depth sessions with a focus on practice in key areas such as planned support, tenancy sustainment, case coordination and community development.

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