We strive towards best practice in:

Housing First: Homeless people are moved as quickly as possible into long term housing with wrap-around support as a way of preventing ongoing homelessness.

Tenancy sustainment: U1R strives to sustain tenancies once people are housed.  The primary purpose is to sustain housing outcomes through support and to strengthen connections to a neighbourhood so that people feel a sense of belonging.

A multi-agency response: Under 1 Roof’s multi-agency approach extends to a range of partners to deliver integrated and coordinated services geared to achieving sustained housing outcomes.

To watch a short documentary about the work of Under 1 Roof, click here

What we offer:

Across the Under 1 Roof Consortium, the following services and opportunities are available and may form part of an integrated support plan:

  • Specialised case management
  • Wrap-around multi agency support
  • Supportive short term, transitional and long term housing options
  • Information, assessment and referral
  • Common assessment to identify housing and support needs
  • Access to health and mental health services
  • Safety and support to recover from trauma and abuse
  • Street outreach and multiple access points
  • Harm reduction information and advice
  • Assistance to overcome substance dependency
  • Access to food packages, low cost and free meals
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