Member organisations

Under 1 Roof member organisations include:


Wider partnerships

Under 1 Roof has a number of wider partnerships already in place to provide legal, health, social and specialist support to homeless people.  Continuous partnership development is integral to the vision of Under 1 Roof to create new and strategic alliances that provide holistic support, increase housing options and improve people’s connections to social, recreational and community networks.

To discuss partnership development email or call 0400 196 492.


If you are currently homeless or having housing difficulties, contact one of our participating organisations to find out more about Under 1 Roof.


How to give

Under 1 Roof is unique in that the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley has worked as a facilitator bringing the agencies together.

The Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley includes business and community members working to help out wherever possible. Rotary demonstrates that support for people experiencing homelessness extends beyond government policy and human service organisations to include members of the community prepared to help in practical ways.

Under 1 Roof is a way of connecting human service agencies with the broader community to work together on ending homelessness.   Opportunities exist to donate time, expertise and funds to Under 1 Roof.  Visit